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We are Gastek.

Gastek continues the tradition of GCT Gase und Cryo-Technik, which was spun off from the former AGA Gas GmbH in 1993, and the resulting Buse Gastek.

At the beginning systems for the use of cryogenic refrigerants (liquid N2 and CO2) were designed, built and maintained.

A rapidly growing field is the repair, overhaul and maintenance of the bulk tanks necessary for these systems and other applications.

Not required systems and tanks can be stored at Gastek.

Bulk Tank Service

Keeps what it promises. And this should remain the case with your bulk tank for a long time. As a recognized specialist for the storage, repair und overhaul of storage tanks, we are your partner in all questions relating to bulk tanks.

Kreislauf Gastek

Cryogenic Freezing Systems

We provide lasting freshness. Because with our powerful freezer systems, we guarantee a high freezing speed. Fast, but extremely gentle. In this way, foods are preserved for longer without losing product quality. The cryogenic refrigerants nitrogen and carbon dioxide used cool the food in the shortest possible time to, for example, -20 ° C.
And this without damaging the cell walls. As a result, they lose only extemely small amounts of water and this their own weight.
You can taste it.

Certified Quality

CO₂ – Equipment

Gastek offers a wide range of products in the area of CO2.

If its is CO2 storage tanks or vaporizers Gastek is your one for all supplier. Furthermore we support our customers in all questions concerning periodic inspections and maintenance that are required by European law.

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