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Container service

Keeps what it promises. And your Bulk should stay that way for as long as possible. As a recognized specialist in the storage, repair and overhaul of storage Bulk, we are your partner in all matters relating to tank service. Whether national or international manufacturers of technical gases. They have been using our professional and reliable service for many years.

And what about you?

Cold carburetors - in the fast lane

Because regular inspection, maintenance and repair pay off. We take intensive care of cold gasification systems, vacuum-insulated containers for all cryogenic liquefied gases. These include N2, O2, CO2 and argon, for example. We also take a close look at the associated equipment, as well as pressure vessels for storing alternative gases such as H2.

Storage service
Blessed is he who has bearings.

This is a great advantage for our customers if the reconditioned containers are not used again immediately. We have enough space to store containers or air evaporators temporarily. And for an indefinite period of time. We currently store 820 of our customers' containers in an area of almost 30,000 m2, which is monitored using the highest safety technology. We keep our customers informed with a monthly list of stored items. This means they always have an overview.

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