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Cryogenic freezer systems
from consultation to commissioning of our shelf freezers

Cryogenic freezer systems - from consultation to commissioning
Our high-performance freezer systems, such as the shelf freezer, ensure that food stays fresh for longer. With high freezing speeds and gentle cooling using cryogenic refrigerants such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide, perishable products are cooled quickly to -20 °C, for example, without affecting product quality. This means that food can be kept for longer as it only loses minimal amounts of water.

One of our specialties is the deck freezer,
which is specially designed for special space utilization!

As a special design of the LFH long freezer, the EFH has three conveyor belts running in opposite directions on top of each other, making it a real space saver. Its compact design makes it ideal for continuous cooling and freezing processes where space is at a premium. The shelf freezer is primarily used for loose, rolling goods or bulk goods such as meatballs, sausages, fruit and vegetables.

The special features of the EFH shelf freezer are

  • its high freezing capacity with a small footprint
  • the even and rapid heat extraction thanks to the special arrangement of the spray frames
  • in the optimum cold gas supply
  • in the implementation of specific customer requirements thanks to the modular design
  • flexible product handling thanks to individually driven and adjustable product conveyor belts
  • and the hygienic design for easy and efficient cleaning

The deck freezer is robust, powerful and easy to maintain, making it ideal for a wide range of applications in the food industry.

A cabinet freezer system
ensures lasting freshness and quality!

From consultation to commissioning, we are your reliable partner for innovative and efficient freezer systems including long freezers, cabinet freezers, spiral belt freezers and shelf freezers. Rely on our technology and enjoy the unique quality of your food, which you can preserve with our cabinet freezer.

Our cabinet freezer is not just a cabinet - it is your investment in quality, efficiency and freshness

Thanks to the innovative technology of our cryogenic freezer systems, your food not only keeps for longer, but also retains its nutrients and full flavor.

Because with the cabinet freezer, you are on the safe side when it comes to professional refrigeration and food storage. Freshness, efficiency and sophisticated technology - that's what our cabinet freezers are all about!

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