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Cryogenic cooling technology and industrial freezers
with the experience and expertise of Gastek

Gastek offers you a comprehensive product range in the field of CO₂

Since our foundation, we have continued the tradition of GCT Gase und Cryo-Technik, which was spun off from the former AGA Gas GmbH in 1993. Our many years of experience and expertise make us a reliable partner for all requirements in the field of cryogenic refrigerants and container service.

Our core competence lies in the design, construction, repair and maintenance of systems for the use of cryogenic refrigerants such as liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide. We attach great importance to rapid and gentle freezing technology in order to ensure maximum freshness and quality of the food.

Customized cryogenic
freezer systems

Our product portfolio includes customized cryogenic freezer systems that enable a high freezing speed and therefore a long shelf life for food and a great taste experience. With our CO₂ equipment solutions, such as storage Bulk and evaporators, we offer you everything from a single source.

We are also happy to support you in carrying out recurring inspections in the CO₂ area to ensure the safety and efficiency of your systems.

Cryogenic Freezer Systems

Our container service
for you

Our tank service covers all aspects of the construction, transportation, storage, repair and overhaul of storage Bulk. As a recognized specialist, we support you with our know-how and experience to ensure that your Bulk function reliably and effectively - over a long period of time.

Bulk refurbishment

The CO₂ supply technology
for companies

CO₂ supply technology is extremely important for companies that rely on CO₂. Gastek is your one-stop shop for a wide range of CO₂ equipment, from storage tanks to vaporizers. The Gastek team offers comprehensive overhaul services on site or at our factory in Steinheim-Bergheim and also carries out complete repairs. We also provide support for prescribed tests in accordance with European law.

CO2 Equipment
At Gastek, you will not only find

high-quality products and customized solutions, but also a reliable partner who will assist you with all your questions and concerns in the field of cryogenic refrigerants and container service.Feel free to contact us to find out more about our services and offers.

Gastek is your reliable expert for cryogenic technology and container service!

Field Service
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