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Cryogenic freezer systems
for every room situation: spiral belt freezers

As your experienced provider of cryogenic freezer systems, we ensure lasting freshness. Because with our high-performance freezer systems, we guarantee a high freezing speed. Food is cooled extremely gently and quickly, which extends its shelf life without compromising product quality.

The cryogenic refrigerants nitrogen and carbon dioxide used cool the food to around minus 20 °Celsius in a very short time. The cell walls are not damaged, as they only lose extremely small amounts of water and their own weight. And when it comes to the taste of the shock-frozen food - you can taste the difference!

What makes our spiral belt freezer so special

Enjoy the benefits of an innovative solution with our vertical spiral belt freezer. Specially developed for limited space, our system offers a unique way to chill or freeze your products without taking up much space in width.

The principle is simple: similar to a spiral staircase, the conveyor belt is guided in tiers around an internal drum! 

Enjoy the benefits of the spiral belt freezer

  • Uniform and rapid heat extraction thanks to cold gas circulation specially designed for the WFO
  • Performance-optimized fans for maximum efficiency
  • Height adjustability for optimum adaptation to your processes
  • Hygienic design for easy and efficient cleaning
    Robust, powerful and easy to maintain for a long-term solution

See the quality and performance of our spiral belt freezer for yourself - contact us today and benefit from a customized solution for your needs!

This results in a high and continuous production capacity with minimal space requirements. Whether it's portion and plate meals, meat and sausage products, pizzas or baked goods - with the spiral belt freezer you are always ideally equipped.

We understand the needs of our customers and offer flexibility in every respect. With variable belt widths, spirals and different input and output directions, we adapt our solution to your individual requirements. From the product quantity to the production processes to the space available - we optimize your food storage for you.

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