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Good customer service and quickly supplied spare parts
are irreplaceable for the production chain!

Because downtime means loss of production!

This can actually lead to drastic economic consequences for a company. The repair times and possible spoilage of goods while operating costs are running can have devastating consequences for a company. But of course we don't want it to get that far in the first place!

With intensive training in the system, our customers can solve some problems themselves. We try to solve everything else over the phone or by e-mail. If this is not sufficient, we will of course visit you in person.

Solution-oriented customer service
and spare parts service

With our customer service and spare parts service, we try to keep the downtimes of your system as short as possible. Rapid availability and an extensive range of spare parts ensure that production can be resumed within a short space of time. Naturally, everything is done with the help of trained specialists who are experienced in dealing with such situations.

What can you actively do?

  • We recommend that our customers have their freezer systems regularly inspected by our experienced service technicians.
  • This will keep you operational at all times.
    Optimizing the operation of your system: check the settings for optimum and economical operation and adjust if necessary
  • Maintenance of the main components
  • Checking the electrical and mechanical components as well as the safety-relevant MSR technology
  • Regular staff training
  • Preparation of a list of recommended spare parts incl. offer at a preferential price

Customer service and spare parts service

Stock up on spare parts as required and benefit from a well-maintained and optimally adjusted cryogenic freezer.

The advantages of good maintenance are obvious:

  • High system availability with low costly downtimes
  • Economical operation and higher productivity
  • Lower overall costs, as higher expenses for damage due to neglected maintenance are avoided
  • Extension of the service life

Contact us if you have any further questions.

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