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Keeps it’s promises. And this should be the case for your bulk tank as long as possible. As an acknowledged expert to repair, overhaul and store bulk tanks Gastek is your partner in all questions around bulk tank rehabilitation. National and international customers rely on our expertise and use our professional and reliable service since many years.

What about you?

Bulk tanks – on the fast lane

Frequent inspections, maintenance and repairs pay off. We care about your cryogenic bulk tanks, vacuum isolated tanks for all cryogenic gases. This includes N2, O2, CO2 or Argon. But also the corresponding equipment, for example vaporizers, is inspected and requalified for further use.
In addition we inspect and rehab tanks for special gases like H2.

Storage – you cannot have enough

A big Advantage for our customers if the overhauled tank is not used immediately. Our storage area compromises 30.000 sqm, enough to store bulk tanks and vaporizers for an unlimited time. Currently our customers have more than 900 tanks on stock. A monthly overview of the inventory keeps them updated and informed.



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